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Massage is the most ancient way of restoring health and has always been an essential part of a spa’s range of services. Besides providing great stress relief and a profound level of relaxation, massages are also a proven remedy for stress and illness. Massage relaxes, heals, relieves stress, increases vitality and recharges with new strength. Our experienced specialists will suggest and perform the best type of massage according to your individual needs. Select the massage of your choice and enjoy every moment of it.

Basic (Swedish) $80/60 min – $110/90 min

A gentle massage that uses long sweeping hand motions to ease stress and increases relaxation. In his process, muscles are kneaded in the body’s problem area. This massage is considered to be an effective method to heal minor injuries and is also used to prevent various diseases.

Aromatherapy $85/60 min – $115/90 min

Also known as Essential Oil Therapy, this is the practice of using natural oils. The health benefits of aromatherapy include its ability to reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, speed up the body’s natural healing process, and cure headaches.

Hot/ Cold Stone $120/90 min

Smooth heated stones reach, rejuvenate and energize the depths of your muscles. Experience ultimate relaxation and peace when your body is massaged with smooth lava stones to ease tight muscles, relieve stress, alleviate tension and balance the energy flow.

Honey Massage $90/60 min – $120/90 min

Your skin will be radiant and healthy from absorbing the vitamins and minerals present in honey and your muscles will become significantly more relaxed. Not only is honey an excellent anti-cellulite drug, but it also aids in intensively cleansing the skin, absorbing toxins, treating bronchitis and pneumonia, and has an extremely beneficial effect on the nervous system, thus increases overall immunity.

Trigger Points $80/60 min – $110/90 min

Trigger point therapy is a noninvasive therapeutic modality for the relief and control of myofascial pain and dysfunction. The goal of this treatment is the client’s recovery from or significant reduction in myofascial pain.  The treatment goal is achieved through a systematized approach that consists of trigger point compression, myo massage, passive stretching, and a regime of corrective exercises.

Pregnancy $80/60 min – $110/90 min

A nurturing massage for expectant mothers to relieve pressure in the lower back, legs and feet. (Massage cannot be performed in the first trimester.)

This massage brings deep relaxation to your body while aiding muscle aches and lower back discomfort. Supports ligament changes, eases body water retention and improves blood circulation.

Deep Tissue $95/60 min – $125/90 min

Traumatized or aching muscles will benefit from deep, firm and focused pressure. This procedure also helps with chronic tension in the muscles and tendons. Deep tissue massage is based on working on the muscles to help penetrate and break up the knots that cause chronic pain and irritation.

Reflexology $45/30 min (soaking feet for 10 minutes prior to massage)

Your hands and feet are important sensory organs that have a unique relationship with the entire body. Our reflexology massage focuses on massaging the nerve endings in your hands and feet. In our salon, we specialize in traditional Thai foot reflexology. By applying pressure to specific pressure points, the masseur manages the energy flow which in turn restores the entire body.

Head Massage $50/30 min (using scalp living treatment oil)

At the beginning of the session, Maya will evaluate your mental and physical state and select the appropriate essential oils. During the session, the concentration is focused on the back, head, neck and shoulder area. The head massage will improve the circulation of the head, growth and health of the hair, and relieve headaches and insomnia.

4 hands $160/hr.

Also called the Royal Massage, this is a traditional Thai massage performed simultaneously by two masters. After experiencing this massage, you truly feel like royalty as the body of a masseur during the procedure is exposed to the heat of four human hands at once. The synchronous movements of two masters combined with the parallel impact on all energy lines give an incredible emotional relaxation and a burst of energy.

Couples $130/60 min – $165/90 min

Performed in one room where two people can relax and enjoy massage services together. Add a romantic touch to your spa experience!

 Lomi-Lomi $85/60 min – $115/90 min

The Lomi Lomi massage has an incredibly relaxing effect. Intensive special power action applied by an elbow, plus the use of aroma-oils gives a good tone and increases the stress resistance of the body. Massage is done on a special couch.

Body Scrub $55/hr.

 Scrubs are the basis of a skin care.The use of scrubs prepare the skin for further work on moisturizing and nourishing the body’s skin. After this procedure, the skin is able to better absorb beneficial substances contained in masks, creams and lotions. Ask our estheticians about our exclusive scrubs.

Anti Cellulite with wrap $85/hr.

Anti-cellulite massage is one of the most pleasant and useful ways to correct a figure. Also, it utilizes a direct effect on the stomach, thighs, buttocks using a special cream. The master rubs the product into the skin and massages the problem areas of the body. The procedure stimulates the burning of subcutaneous fat and normalizes metabolism.

Lymph Drainage $75/hr.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT). This therapeutic massage involves the influence of the master on the client’s body, which is carried out along the lines of the lymphatic drainage. Intensive movements activate metabolic processes, positively affect the vessels. Special massage mixtures are used, which make the process of easy pressing and sliding as comfortable as possible.

Massage for Infants $40/20 min.

As your baby transitions from life in the womb to the outside world, positive touch through massage helps them feel loved, respected and secure. Maya carefully will massage your baby and recommend the best care for the tension parts of his/her body.

Coconut massage (Swedish) $90/60 min – $120/90 min
A gentle massage that uses long sweeping hand motions to ease stress and increases relaxation.
Benefits include the coconut oil’s ability to greatly moisturize all skin types. Absorbs easily into skin and provides long-lasting lubrication for the entire massage. Soothes tired and sensitive muscles and improves the appearance of the skin.
Shea butter massage  (Swedish) $90/60 min – $120/90 min
This massage is done with shea butter and teak wood along with different massage techniques to relax the muscles. The shea butter called the golden gift of Africa is well known for its skin firming, nurturing and hydrating effect, made of the core of the South African shi tree. Our massage ritual is based on the organic shea butter.

*Season Specials. Аsk for additional hair treatments and facials by season.