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Hairstyle influences how the day is formed, and in the end, your life,” said the famous Sophia Loren. The main master of our salon, Maya, truly understands the weight of these words. As a highly experienced haircut designer, Maya can create the perfect hairstyle from even the thinnest hair. In addition, she is extremely attentive to details and to each costumer’s desires, works with various types of hair, and really know what it takes to enhance the overall look of a person. Visit our salon for stylish haircuts for men, women, and children as well as other beauty treatments. All haircuts include shampooing and blow drying include:

Men’s $45 and up

Classic and modern haircuts. Our main task is to make sure that the haircut turns out exactly as the gentleman requests it: neat, slick, stylish, and never compromised on the quality. We use techniques ranging from classic barbering, scissor-over-comb, to razor cuts.

Bangs $20

Bangs are able to transform any hairstyle to that next-level look. If you want to bring a slight pop to your image, to emphasize the beauty of the face, but alschanges are undesirable, is necessary to think about changing the shape of the bangs. For Maya, creating bangs is not just a routine job, but an outlet for creativity.

Women’s $70 and up

Maya invites every women in for a haircut at a reasonable price. She will flawlessly perform an either trendy or classic haircut on short, medium or long hair of any type. She will make sure to always go over your vision with in detail, because every nuance is very important in assessing the condition of your hair and therefore choosing the haircut.

Children’s haircuts

In the beauty salon VIva VIP Spa, there are exceptional professionals who are able to treat your child carefully and accurately. Our masters not only competently perform their work, but also turn the process into an entertaining and fun experience for the child.
• under 12 yrs $25            • 12+ yrs $30

Current Trends (Discuss price with your stylist)

Balayage is a hair coloring technique which is designed to create a very natural-looking highlight which grows out without developing a noticeable and obvious line of demarcation at the root.

Ombre, is actually a look which is achieved with the balayage technique. Ombre means shadow in French, referring to a darker root and lighter ends.

This technique is ideal for those who have their own natural hair a darker color, for those who have never painted their hair, who want to refresh the tonality of their hair, create a color relief effect or simulate sunburned hair. This technique is popular not only because of the beautiful visual effect, but also because the hairdresser can use natural dyes such as henna and basma, and it does not take much time (usually the duration of the procedure does not exceed 1 hour).

This coloring technique  gives the effect of a naturally sun-exposed hair, aka kissed by the sun. Due to this coloring, the overgrown roots of the hair become significantly less noticeable. The price depends on the density and the length of the hair. This procedure is usually repeated after 3-5 months.

These are usually performed on dark or light brown hair. Such a type of highlight is done without the use of foil or thermal paper but instead, a special paste is used, based on beeswax, which helps to gently decolor the hair. The density of the paste does not allow the product to leak as to delicately affect the hair without over drying it. Another advantage of this type of highlight is in practicality: tinting of roots should be done no more than once every 2-3 months.

This is another type of fashionable highlighting that is drawn onto darker hair. Depending on your selection, the hair technician will pick up to four shades, and the overall texture of the hair will not be affected since only individual strands will be painted.

Toning is very delicate towards the the hair due to the low content of ammonia. The agent does not penetrate deeply, but at the same time, sticks flawlessly to the surface. As a result of this procedure, the structure of the hair is damaged to a lesser extent. Toning lasts an average of 1-2 months, after which it is washed without residue and without affecting the natural color.

  • Toning of colored hair, with additional brightness $75
  • Toning without additional touch up/ brightening $40.


At Viva VIP Spa salon we believe that hair color and highlighting are fundamental basics that people notice right away. Because color plays such an important role, we believe that the quality and technique are pivotal to your overall appearance. In addition, it is the easiest, and perhaps the most pleasant way of changing a person’s appearance.
Maya’s technology and approach to coloring hair us unique – she not only colors the hair but treats it. She uses world renown, natural products such as Surface, Redken, CHI, Aloxxi, and Paul Mitchel lines to maximize your hair’s beauty and health. Each service already includes a treatment worth $70.

Color (1-tone) $70 and up

Our master will hold the necessary consultation for you and recommend the color of the hair dye that is right for you. After the procedure, the hair will not only get a luscious new shade, but will become silky and shiny with the result being preserved for a long time. Each coloring is a treatment for your hair!

Touch Up (roots) $50 and up

Coloring of new upgrowing hair on a roots with a small amount of color.

Highlights all-over $150 and up

Often named “classical highlighting,” the essence of this variety is the uniform staining of the strands along the entire length of the hair. Locks can be selected as wide or thin, and the hue of the highlight – both pronounced contrast with the option of differing from the base color by 1-2 tones.

Low-lights $45-125

This process consists of the coloring of individual strands in darker shades. It is used for those who want to gradually switch to a dark color from natural light, as well as for lightened brown-haired women and brunettes, who want to return to naturalness. Lowlights add depth and contrast to the hair color.

Partial Highlights $85 and up

In this case, the strands are stained only in the selected zone – temporal, occipital or on the vertex. The most often used are lighter shades – this allows you to create a stylish accent or to freshen up your complexion.


Perms never go out of style. Nowadays, there are different types of permanent curling hair techniques, which include using modern compounds that are virtually harmless to the hair. In addition, a perm is kept from 3 to 6 months. The client should anticipate additional charge for hair longer than 30 inches.

This method involves the treatment of hair with special chemicals, allowing you to save your beautiful curls for several months. Perming hair is a great option for women with extremely thin hair, as it helps to give extra volume.

Our specialists use organic products as often as possible. Bio-perm is the softest and gentlest version of perm. Bio–perming is carried out using natural components. Perms created on the basis of such preparations allow obtaining stable curls and giving your hair a natural and healthy look that lasts about 6 months.

Our experienced hairdressers will make the perming process smoother even on bleached hair. Your hair will look refreshed, healthy and extra voluminous.


Hairstyling is an excellent opportunity to bring your hair in order as quickly as possible, while looking well-groomed and elegant. Hairstyling involves the use of special tools and devices, such as a hair dryer, brushes, curling irons, hair curlers, lacquer, mousse, foam, wax, etc., to achieve the desired look. There are various styles available that depend on the type of hair and its length. Our experts will consult with you and perform the best style according to your desired outcome!

Wedding Style $110 and up

A wedding hairstyle!
On the big day any bride wants to be beautiful, stylish, stunning and look so in the wedding photos.