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Hair is usually a woman’s most expensive decoration that requires the most careful protection and care. When hair becomes damaged by over color-processing or heat, styling it demands professional attention. We recommend our clients to use in-salon hair repair treatments to maintain healthy and glossy hair. In our salon, we offer a wide range of services related to hair and scalp care. Procedures include treatments, masks, peels (specially designed for the scalp), recovery, conditioning and much more.

The prices are inclusive of shampooing and blow drying.

Olaplex Bond Multiplier Treatment $70

If your hair looks weary and life-less,  it might be time to treat it with the best-known cure! Olaplex is a product without silicones, oils, sulfates, and aldehydes. The formula Olaplex reconnects and strengthens the disulfide bonds, which are responsible for the natural strength and elasticity of the hair. Visit today to speak with a specialist about this treatment.

Keratin (Organic) $70-$350

The Keratin Treatment is a mild temporary straightening treatment that will relax your hair. It will soften your waves considerably while removing frizz. As time will go by, it will slowly wash out and will not leave a line of demarcation when it grows out. Because Maya uses only organic products, this treatment will not damage your hair. It can be applied over previously relaxed, color treated or otherwise processed hair. Your styling time will be greatly reduced! This procedure is best to repeat every 3 – 4 months.

Ultimate treatment from L’Anza (Deep reconstruction) $70

L’Anza treatment is a revolutionary formula that heals colored and over-processed hair. This procedure is ideal for very damaged, long, exaggerated, curly and “tired” hair that has lost its natural vitality. This service is specifically recommended for hair that has been streaked,  clarified, and chemically curled, but is ideal for all hair types as it nourishes and restored your colored hair.

Trauma Treatment: restoration of split ends from LAnza $70

No more split ends! Heal your over-processed and colored hair with innovative products from L’Anza. This is a deep conditioning treatment designed specifically for very damaged hair. It can be used as a leave-in conditioner or as a rinse-out and is ideal for all types of hair due to its ability to nourish, heal and brighten the appearance of your hair.

LAnza Emergency Treatment $70 

For critically damaged hair, L’Anza offers a revolutionary formula that will replenish the lack of nutrients and vitamins caused by perming, bleaching, sun-exposure, brushing, and even pollution. This procedure takes about 20 min.

LAnza Healing Colorcare $70

We offer a unique formula of L’Anza healing color-care that contains extracts of seven therapeutic flowers that together form a Flower Shield Complex. Once applied to damage, over-processed hair, it nourishes and restores the color of your hair as the natural pigmentation of flowers would do in nature. This treatment is ideal for all types of hair.

Awapuhi Paul Mitchell Shine Repair Treatment $70

The extract of the Awapuhi plant, or wild ginger, is an integral component of Paul Mitchell cosmetics. This extract helps in maintaining the perfect hydrobalance of the hair. KeraTriplex, also included in the treatment, is an innovative underlying ingredient in the new Awapuhi line by Paul Mitchell. Consisting of molecules of hydrolyzed and oxidized keratin protein, KeraTriplex allows you to effectively restore your hair by neutralizing the effects of external influences, and most importantly, prevents and minimizes age changes.

Fibreplex $70

Fibreplex from Schwarzkopf Professional is a hair strengthening system consisting of 3 stages that protect against possible damage during chemical processes. Thanks to the advanced, bond-strengthening fibers, the Fibreplex system reduces hair damage up to 94% during a chemical process. Fibreplex protects against damage when hair is being lightened, discolored or stained and will positively change the future of your bleached or colored hair.

Keratin Relaxer Treatment (permanent straightener/Brazilian) $250-$350

This Brazilian treatment uses a light chemical process to open and close the hair cuticle in an effort to straighten it. It only coats the hair and does not break the bonds of the hair shaft like straighteners do. Keratin is a natural substance which comprises approximately 88% of your hair. This treatment is not permanent and will naturally fades out of the hair with time.

Avocado-Honey Mask $40

This treatment is based on two vital ingredients (avocado and honey) that are essential in curing dry, damaged hair.

Protein Mask $40

This treatment is based on silk and other natural components that provide the restoration of dry, dull, lifeless and fragile hair. As a result, hair is moisturized and glossy. The composition of this mask includes hydrolyzed silk, panthenol and natural acids which help protect against heat. It also contains antistatic and UV filter.

Hydration Mark/Treatment $40

This mask has a hydrating and nourishing effect on the structure of the hair, giving it softness and elasticity. It cares for natural and dyed hair by restoring the inner matter of the hair. In addition, it gives shine and boosts brightness to color-treated hair while softening and smoothing dry and weakened hair.

CHI environment Pearl & Silk Complex (permanent straightener) $200-250

This mask contains pearl and silk complex to replenish dry, damaged and overworked hair by moisturizing and reconstructing. It adds softness and shine and improves the texture of dry hair.