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Body treatments are not the same as massages, but they serve as good complimentary treatments. Treating your body with love and care is an essential way to stay looking young and keep your skin radiantly fresh and healthy. The most common types of body treatments are body polishes and body wraps that leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and soft. Our experienced specialists will provide the best service and care for the optimal relaxing experience.

Mud Treatment (detoxing body wash, massage, and wrap, aromatherapy) $85/hr.

Authentic mineral spa treatments based on mud, salt and seaweed help the body to heal from the inside out. Such treatments stimulate the metabolism creating a detoxifying effect, helping to remove impurities from the skin and the internal organs. Massage and aromatherapy just catalyze the effect of the treatment. In addition, it helps to firm the skin to make you look and feel younger.

Scrub (Lavender, Coffee, Honey, Sea Salt) $55

A natural body scrub with lavender extract or warm honey is massaged into the skin to purify and slough off dead skin. The exfoliating effect of the scrub smooths and refreshes your skin.

Anti Cellulite Treatment (exfoliating body wash, massage, and wrap, aromatherapy) $85/hr.

Super effective and absolutely natural way of rejuvenation and fighting against cellulite. Ideal for complex treatment of cellulite. Removes slags and toxins, prolongs youth, and preserves the beauty and elasticity of the body! Also, reduces water retention & detoxifies your body along with decreasing the appearance of cellulite for smoother, softer & firmer looking skin.